Thank you for attending our 32nd Annual CM Hoist School!

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Mountain Productions' CM Hoist School is the premiere hoist maintenance and rigging training offered in the industry. Students receive professional training over 5 days and cover a variety of production topics and concepts.


Network with colleagues from all over the world, attend the best rigging training seminars in the industry and receive 32 renewal credits toward ETCP Rigging Certification. Upon successful completion, students are also awarded RTC (Road Technician Certification).


Join us on site at Mountain Productions in Wilkes-Barre, PA and enjoy hotel accommodations, transportation, and nightly outings to local entertainment hotspots.


Easily register online at Mountain Productions Rigging Shop, call us, or email us for the registration forms. This is an excellent opportunity for up and coming riggers and techs - save the date and don't miss the 32nd Annual CM Hoist School!


Mountain Productions' CM Hoist School has a long history, made possible through our close relationship with Columbus McKinnon. From an early stage in entertainment production's infancy, Mountain Productions has believed that the key to success lies in safe, efficient, and proper handling of equipment, as well as thorough training for employees and crews.

The CM Hoist School was created out of the mindset that education and training can shape the future of the industry.

For over 30 years, Mountain Productions has inspired thousands of students and given them the tools needed to succeed. Although we have grown since our first CM Hoist School and have evolved the event into a comprehensive experience of education and networking, our focus remains the same since day one: prepare the industry’s next best talent for the future of entertainment rigging.

Take a trip back in time with us and follow the link below to learn more about the 32 year history of CM Hoist School.


Our CM Hoist School students are trained by leading professionals in the entertainment industry and cover a wide range of topics. While our main focus is on hoist maintenance and rigging, attendees also participate in sessions regarding relevant topics such as truss loading, motor control, fall protection, and more. Click on the images below to learn more about our 2017 CM Hoist School seminars.


3 March 2017

We’ve got some fast facts straight from our CM Hoist School for you! Check out some of the memories and milestones that we’ve collected over the 30+ year history of the CM Hoist School (click on image to enlarge): The 32nd Annual CM Hoist School is only a few weeks away and seats are f...

2 March 2017

Our Trade Show Tour is heading to St. Louis to exhibit at one of the largest full production event conference’s in America—the USITT Annual Conference & Stage Expo. With over 307 exhibitors and thousands of attendees, USITT’s conference is a valuable place to “generate ne...

1 March 2017

Last year, we published 10 Things You’ll Love About Our CM Hoist School just before our 2016 annual event. To help get ready for the 32nd Annual CM Hoist School, we decided it was time to bring you 3 MORE things you’ll love about CM Hoist School. 1. New Lunch and Learn Sessions This ye...

1 December 2016

For some of us, going to a conference, meeting, or any group session can be intimidating. Networking can be a chore and somehow always seems awkward at first. What do I say? How do I react? When should I approach someone? Although it may be against your normal instincts to throw yourself out there a...

1 November 2016

This year we are introducing a new series of vendor sessions that will give our attendees first-hand seminars with the renowned brands that they use on a daily basis. The CM Hoist School Lunch and Learn vendor sessions will provide discussions hosted by brand representatives that are focused on info...

8 September 2016

One of our favorite things about CM Hoist School is getting to meet the diverse group of students we receive each year. Over the years, we’ve worked hard to make sure that the CM Hoist School is an enjoyable and informative experience in every way, and we have been grateful to welcome students...

32nd Annual CM Hoist School


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